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Spigot plugin api

The documentation is for developing plugins and is split into the respective packages for each subject matter.

This documentation does not cover running a server, contributing code back to the project, or setting up a workspace.

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Working knowledge of the Java language is a prerequisite for developing plugins. For basic plugin development, see the plugin package. It covers the basic requirements of a plugin jar.

For handling events and triggered code, see the event package. Skip navigation links. Bukkit, the plugin development framework. Classes used to manipulate the voxels in a worldincluding special states. Classes concerning the creation of boss bars that appear at the top of the player's screen.

Commands for emulating the Minecraft commands and other necessary ones for use by a Bukkit implementation. Classes dedicated to facilitating configurations to be read and stored on the filesystem.

Classes dedicated to being able to perform serialization specialized for the Bukkit configuration implementation. Classes relating to the specialized enhancements to item stacksas part of the meta data. Interfaces for non-voxel objects that can exist in a worldincluding all players, monsters, projectiles, etc. Interfaces for various Minecart types. Events relating to when a block is changed or interacts with the world.

Events triggered from an enchantment table. Events relating to entitiesexcluding some directly referencing some more specific entity types. Events relating to entities that hang. Events relating to inventory manipulation. Events relating to players. Events related to raids.GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again.

If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again. If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 40 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. Java Branch: master. Find file. Sign in Sign up. Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

Latest commit. Latest commit b3ea Sep 1, Install Maven 3 Check out this repo and: mvn clean install. You signed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session. You signed out in another tab or window. Skip loading of plugins which are not 1. Sep 4, Ignore all.

Apr 1, Minecraft spec has changed and we're required to follow. We now build…. Jul 10, We're GPL. Jan 2, Add Spigot Links. Update Depends.Paper is the next generation of Minecraft server, compatible with Spigot plugins and offering uncompromising performance.

Whether you're an administrator looking to boost your server or a developer looking for more functionality, Paper is ready for you.

Paper contains numerous improvements and optimizations resulting in a significant improvement in performance. Paper also includes the next version of Timings, enabling you to quickly find out what's slowing down your server. Paper has an active and growing community of server administrators and developers. Come talk with us on Discord and get real time support. Want to contribute? Submit a pull request and get it reviewed this century.

Paper extends and improves the Bukkit and Spigot APIs so that you and your developers have more features and functionality at your fingertips.


All the meanwhile, Paper retains compatibility with plugins written for Spigot and Bukkit. Turn your server up to It's stupid fast. An active and growing community. An expanded API.Note that this name will not be displayed in game, only in chat and places defined by plugins. This may include color. Parameters: name - The new display name. If the value is null, the name will be identical to HumanEntity.

Returns: true if player is sprinting. Note: This will overwrite the players current inventory, health, motion, etc, with the state from the saved dat file. If everyone is either sleeping or has this flag set, then time will advance to the next day. If everyone has this flag set but no one is actually in bed, then nothing will happen. Parameters: isSleeping - Whether to ignore. Returns: Whether player is ignoring sleep.

Magic value Play a note for a player at a location. This requires a note block at the particular location as far as the client is concerned. This will not work without a note block.

[Tutorial (EASY)] Creating an API for your plugin!

This will not work with cake. Parameters: loc - The location of a note block. This function will fail silently if Location or Sound are null. No sound will be heard by the player if their client does not have the respective sound for the value passed. Magic value Plays an effect to just this player.

Magic value Send a block change. This fakes a block change packet for a user at a certain location. This will not actually change the world in any way. Magic value Send a chunk change. This fakes a chunk change packet for a user at a certain location. The updated cuboid must be entirely within a single chunk. At least one of the dimensions of the cuboid must be even. The size of the data buffer must be 2.

This fakes a sign change packet for a user at a certain location. This method will use a sign at the location's block or a faked sign sent via sendBlockChange org. Location, org.

Material, byte. If the client does not have a sign at the given location it will display an error message to the user. This may be used when streaming the map in the normal manner is not desirable. When relative is true the player's time will be kept synchronized to its world time with the specified offset.

When using non relative time the player's time will stay fixed at the specified time parameter. It's up to the caller to continue updating the player's time.Skip navigation links. Note: While the Bukkit API makes every effort to ensure stability, this is not guaranteed, especially across major versions.

In particular the following is a incomplete list of things that are not API.

Spigot-API 1.15.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT API

Implementing interfaces. The Bukkit API is designed to only be implemented by server software. Although this can sometimes work, it is not guaranteed to do so and resulting bugs will be disregarded. Constructing inbuilt events. Although backwards compatibility is attempted where possible, it is sometimes not possible to add new fields to events without breaking existing constructors.

Implementation classes. You should access them via their interfaces instead. A ban list, containing bans of some BanList. Represents an object which has a NamespacedKey attached to it. Represents a registry of Bukkit objects that may be retrieved by NamespacedKey. Represents a tag that may be defined by the server or a resource pack to group like things together. GameRules dictate certain behavior within Minecraft itself For more information please visit the Minecraft Wiki.

Represents a String based key which consists of two components - a namespace and a key. Options which can be applied to redstone dust particles - a particle color and size. Represents a ban-type that a BanList may track. Represents the various type of game modes that HumanEntity s may have. Represents the status of a Raid. This annotation indicates a method and sometimes constructor will chain its internal operations. Represents a static, thread-safe snapshot of chunk of blocks.

Bukkit Coding 1.11 - Episode 24 - WorldEdit

Represents a world, which may contain entities, chunks and blocks. Represents the Bukkit core, for version and Server singleton handling.

Package org.bukkit.event.player

This class handles the creation and storage of all structure types for Bukkit. Represents various types of options that may be used to create a world. Represents a mutually perpendicular axis in 3D Cartesian coordinates.

Represents the various difficulty levels that are available. A list of effects that the server is able to send to players. Determines the collision behavior when fluids get hit during ray tracing. An enum of all material IDs accepted by the official server and client.

Represents various types of portals that can be made in a world. An enum to specify a rotation based orientation, like that on a clock. An Enum of Sounds the server is able to send to players. Represents a countable statistic, which is tracked by the server.

Represents the different species of trees regardless of size.

spigot plugin api

This represents the states that server verbose for warnings may be. Represents various map environment types that a world may be. This designates the warning state for a specific item.Here is where we will be hosting all tools and resources related to the continued development of Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot, and a variety of other open source projects. Browse builds and continuous integration test results for some of our projects including BuildTools. Stash is home to much of our source code.

If you want to check it out, or start hacking on new features, here is the place to go. Nexus is home to our Maven repository. Add it to your Maven POM if you want automatic dependency resolution for your own projects. We'd like to thank these companies for offering us open source licenses to their amazing software. Makers of the awesome JIRA and Stash, powering our issue tracker and source code repositories respectively.

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Home of the outstanding YourKit Java profiler, ensuring that our software is always performing at its best. Welcome Here is where we will be hosting all tools and resources related to the continued development of Bukkit, CraftBukkit, Spigot, and a variety of other open source projects. Jenkins Browse builds and continuous integration test results for some of our projects including BuildTools.

spigot plugin api

Jira Found a bug in something, or just want a new feature added? Here is the place to report it. Stash Stash is home to much of our source code.

Bukkit Spigot. Nexus Nexus is home to our Maven repository.

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Sponsors We'd like to thank these companies for offering us open source licenses to their amazing software. Guys behind the Nexus repository manager, soon to power all our Maven artifact needs.Please base your contributions on and make PRs to this branch 1.

Glowkit 1. Nukkit plugin that is able to load Bukkit plugins. Bring your Bukkit plugins to Minecraft PE! Lukkit allows developers to create plugins for the Spigot API in an efficient and effective manner using the Lua scripting language.

Detailed documentation makes getting started with Lukkit super simple. Harbor is a plugin that redefines sleep within your Spigot server! This is a spigot plugin that aims to extend Minecraft's survival endgame by making mobs more interesting.

spigot plugin api

Island automatically updates when a permission is edited to the new size of an island. If a permission is changed from: skyblockx. A plugin for the Spigot API. ServerlistMOTD allows users to change their serverlist motd. The website is a combination of the original v1. Add a description, image, and links to the spigot-api topic page so that developers can more easily learn about it. Curate this topic.

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To associate your repository with the spigot-api topic, visit your repo's landing page and select "manage topics. Learn more. Skip to content. Here are 82 public repositories matching this topic Language: All Filter by language. Sort options. Star 1. Code Issues Pull requests. Open 1. Glowstone needs your help with the huge 1. Priority: major Status: in progress Type: story good first issue. Star Updated Aug 21, Java. Updated Dec 24, Java. Updated Jan 26, Java. Updated Oct 28, Java.

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